Portugal club “Nutellaclub”

Tomaz Pelayo has now a new club, an entrepreneurship club.

Schools need to keep pace with changing times and changing expectations on the part of learners, who are demanding an education system that is more connected and relevant to their everyday lives.

Tomaz Pelayo wants to meet students’ expectations and help them develop skills that will help them in their future. Fundamental skills like being able to communicate, manage information, use numbers, think and solve problems are no longer enough. These must be complemented by personal management skills (positive attitude, responsibility and adaptability) and teamwork skills.

imagem1mOur Nutellaclub wants to develop “soft” skills such as teamwork and leadership skills as well as confidence and persistence.

“Why nutella?
Well that’s an interesting question and it’s not really hard to answer to it.
It all started last October 2015, when we were asked about how we could use simple things to make another person’s day better and I personally think that it was, at first, a difficult question.
After thinking about it for a while, I remembered some things that usually I see around me such as “Nutella”. Then I thought “I should probably give this idea”.
I was given permission to talk and I suggested having a nice phrase or just a word that could make us think more about life and our own experiences and that was it. We should use “Nutella” pots to “sell” these phrases to the world because “Nutella” is all around it.
My idea was supported by all my classmates and teachers so the name for the group was chosen by the popularity that this idea won.
Finally, I just want to remind that you can use simple things that are around you to make your life happier!”

Written by Sofia Carneiro, 9th grade student


Turkey club “Ayvacık Entrepreneurship Club”


Romania club “ARGO”

The club was founded in September 2015 and aims developing the entrepreneurial skills of the students, within the school and beyond, an extra-curricular response to the more obvious needs of the students to adapt to a dynamic economic environment, whose requirements no longer satisfied by the formal school system.
Club name originates in the legend of the “Golden Fleece” seekers, the students being the heroes making a journey in order to find the meaning of existence.
Club activities are carried out every 2 weeks and include besides trainings on various topics “design thinking” “visual thinking”, etc., also creative activities (exp. create a prototype to help young people to save their notes on the phone).
In order to test their qualities as good managers, they organized two regional and one national competition of debates, activities which involved practicing communication skills, organization, planning, time management, logistics, a volunteer …. a very complex way like no other activity can do.
The very active periods alternate with reflexive periods, where students spend time pondering on how they acted before, which aspects of improved and especially how he liked things to unfold in the future.
Such an activity was the essay competition “Story of my failure” in which the winners were rewarded with badges and small amounts of money. The motivation was the maximum.

Take a look at their great presentation 🙂



Belgium club “Talents for the future”