The most effective way of teaching a skill is through actual personal experience.

“When educators can be innovators, that means they can approach problems in new ways,” said Cynthia Warner, senior director for strategy and operations at the NYC DOE Office of Innovation. “They design and iterate, test out solutions in new ways and evaluate how successful those solutions were.”

The 6 Liminal Labs focus on raising awareness in order to trigger change. By using different methods and tools, the participants learn how to rewrite old stories and create new ones. They understand entrepreneurial behaviour by analysing stories, working together, and experiencing real-life events. By getting to know design thinking, liminality and alternative tools, the participants immediately create new perspectives, new behaviours and new outcomes.


6 Liminal Labs centered around the 6 Creativity Competences:


The Liminal Lab Manual is for teachers and students. It’s about entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial learning. The tools and methods used in the manual were created to enhance the skills that we’ll all need in the 21st century. We’re all entrepreneurs in one way or another. Entrepreneurship is an approach and entrepreneurial skills can be triggered and helped with certain tools and exercises. Entrepreneurship is a person’s ability to turn ideas into action. It includes creativity, innovation, showing initiative and risk-taking, as well as the ability to plan and manage projects in order to achieve objectives. The Manual was created to help teachers and students through the process of transforming old patterns into creative new ones. It’s a manual to discover liminal spaces, patterns, stories and situations.


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