How to use this grid?

Click on the orange symbols;
Find out what each symbol represents;
Decide your own pathway:
Start with the green key (first symbol on the second row);
Do all the challenges hidden behind the symbols of the same colour and do the final challenge of the white symbol at the end of this diagonal line;
Or move to the right to change colour;
Or move to the right to change symbol;
Do all the challenges hidden behind your symbol in its different colours;
Or move forward similar to the horse in a chess play;
Do all the challenges of the symbols where your horse has to stop;
Or use a dice, throw, move forward row after row until you have reached a white symbol. Whenever you stop, do the exercise.
Keep a diary;
Finish with one exercise of the white row;
Share your final exercise in the virtual environment your facilitator has created.

Most of all- have fun and come back 🙂








Take a look at our Liminality & EducationalEntrepreneurship Cookbook: design bible. This is how the grid was made.