ClubAre you a student?

Imagine you are Uffy and Muffy rom planet Venus and are watching the Earth using binoculars.

They ask each other the following questions:

Work in pairs and enact the roles of Uffy and Muffy.

Based on this roleplaying, set a challenge for you and your friends, and one for Tom. Describe how the club can help you to do the challenge. Upload it on the designated place your facilitator has created and linked to our L33N facebook page.


Are you a teacher?

Create an online café gathering as many nationalities as possible looking for new questions and as many as possible solutions. Engage co-learners and experts such as angels, ambassadors, educational entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial facilitators to explore a problem. Link your webinar to entrepreneurial learning:

“In a learning environment that supports entrepreneurship

 –  the focus is on the learner’s own activity

 –  learning also takes place in a simulated or real-world setting

 –  learners can directly interact with entrepreneurship

 –  instruction is based on problem-solving and interaction

 –  the learner has the support of various expert organisations

 –  the teacher’s role evolves from a disseminator of information to an organiser, guide and learning environment planner.

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Give a bonus to the silliest of questions! Film your webinar and share it on the designated

place in L33N Facebook page.


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