Risk taking exercise
Risk tolerance, opportunity-focused mentality, and forward looking perspective are all integral part of entrepreneurship.


The purpose of this exercise is to reflect on risk taking in the lives of entrepreneurs, students and investigate how we can increase risk-tolerance as a daily practice. Different questions explore risk-taking behaviour from a variety of angles. If we’re able to handle risk as a given ingredient of daily life, we’ll be better at spotting opportunities!


Brief summary of the overall task


  1. 96019944Why is risk taking important?
  2. Why is risk taking important for entrepreneurs?
  3. Why is risk taking important for students?
  4. What is risk taking in the context of innovation?
  5. What is your thought on entrepreneurs being risk-tolerators?
  6. How can we increase our risk-tolerance on a daily basis?
  7. Where and how can risk-taking be learnt?
  8. What are the barriers to risk-taking?
  9. What are the enablers?
  10. What is your reaction when you face a risky situation?




Individual contribution
Groups of any size or a solo activity. Reflect on the questions and try to dig as deep as you can!


E-moderator interventions
Facilitate a discussion after the individual activity. Motivate the participants to create a vision board and find different definitions of risk and coping with it!


Time and schedule



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