What if… – Go crazy!

15Mental blocks can be a barrier of creative thinking. This is where you get trapped by your own thinking. You are so locked into a familiar way of looking at the world that you fail to see other options. You make assumptions and approach a problem from a limiting premise. Or maybe your inner critic rears its head and stops you thinking straight. 



The purpose of this task to think about the less obvious possibilities.


Brief summary of the overall task/Individual contribution

  1. Define 3-4 everyday activities/problems/issues that could be the subject of’ what if’ activities
  2. Generate What if …? questions for each element of the activity
  3. Respond to the What if …? questions
  4. Use the results in decision making



You need to change your mind. Question your assumptions, ask yourself “What if…?”, and adopt different perspectives. Go somewhere new, or read/watch/listen to something new. Talk to people you can rely on to disagree with you, or offer an alternative point of view. 


E-moderator interventions

In a group try to solve problems in alternative ways and say as many statements with “What if”.


Time and schedule

3 minutes drawing + 10 minutes discussion