“You are thinking about your future life and you feel that becoming an entrepreneur might be an option. Yet when walking in you neighbourhood you can’t help but noticing many empty shops. You realise that being an entrepreneur is a risky business. That’s why you decide to gather more information. Go to both a successful and an unsuccesful entrepreneur who managed to become successful again. Which questions do you want to ask him/her?”


“Tom is shocked to find out how much money he has to invest in this pop-up store, buying the goods, getting the paperwork done, advertising. He’s a tiny bit worried he will lose the money his “sponsors” have already given him. He doesn’t have the time nor the patience to read up on all things he needs to know. He’s not that patient. So he decides to interview a successful entrepreneur who has had some very difficult years. Which questions should he ask?”


Czech RepublicTOOL: Vignette
PARTICIPANTS: Individual or in groups of any size
TIME: 10 minutes to prepare the interview, 10 minutes to find interviewees, 30 minutes to do the interview
YOU’LL NEED: pen and paper, screen, entrepreneurs

  1. Write a list of questions
  2. Connect to entrepreneurs
  3. Do the interview
  4. Write down what you’ve learnt from the interviews


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