Stage 1 – Access and Motivation

E.1.1 – Who are you?

Purpose: To introduce and give the first impression about yourself.

Task: Introduce yourself and say three words that describe you.

Respond: If you see a word that looks interesting to you.   

E.1.2  – Fact and Fiction

Purpose: To share something interesting about you.

Task: Say one fact and one fiction about you.

Respond: To a message that looks interesting to you.  


Stage 2 – Socialization

E.2.1  – We are similar!       
            Purpose: To share about your personal development.

    Task: In 20 words, describe a person in your life (dead or alive) whose influence on you did much to change your inner development as a person.

Respond: To a message that you feel similar to yours.

E.2.2 – Invisible Difference?

             Purpose: To develop a set of tips for taking responsibility for your own learning.

             Task: Think about the following questions and answer based on your own experiences:

      -Do you constantly look around for new ways / resources to learn new things?

      -What is challenging?

      -What is easier?
             Respond: Respond to someone who shares a similar view.


Stage 3 – Information Exchange

E.3.1  –  Defining Moments

Purpose: To develop a set of agreed definitions for key terms and concepts in this e-tivity.
Task: How would you describe an entrepreneurial learner? Tell what you think/know about entrepreneurial learner.

Respond: Read other people’s definitions and respond to a message that you have not known but have just learned.

E.3.2 – Future of “the learned”?

Purpose: To improve the sense of entrepreneurship.
Task: Work with a partner and discuss the quotation below. How would you relate this quot to entrepreneurial learning? Share an experience this quotation reminds you of.

“In a time of change it is the learners who inherit the future. The learned usually find themselves equipped to live in a world that no longer exists.” Eric Hoffer

           Respond: To an experience you feel is interesting and inspiring.


Stage 4 – Knowledge Construction

E.4.1 – Theory into Practice

Purpose: To apply the sense of entrepreneurship into ‘real life’ situations.

Task: Work in groups of three. Define one group member as writer, one another as editor and the other as time manager. Writer takes notes during discussion, editor puts them in an order and time manager makes sure they are on time.

Each group member reads the story first. What are the best words/phrases to describe;

Take notes, and discuss.


Once upon a time, there was a lonely and a splendid tree growing in the middle of the desert. She was pondering how on earth she had arrived in that deserted yellowness, but could not in any way comprehend how she came to exist there in that dried up land…
She told tales to the pilgrims taking a rest under her shadow; she told Bedouins and unfortunate deserters the tale of vast green forests… While hardly feeding even herself in the middle of the drought, she spared the large part of her sustenance to grow and nourish her fruits. Travellers passing by laughed at her undued exertions and made fun of her. The travellers said, “Oh! You poor tree, the incapable seeds in your fruit that could only be nourished by your scarcity in this vast desert dust could not turn green. Let’s suppose they turned green, they could not in any way be sprouted. Let’s suppose they could even be sprouted, they could not turn into a fruitful tree in the middle of this desert in this climate,” and they went on their way, laughing their heads off.
As usual in every corner of the world and in every climate, people keep on stubbornly knowing a lot, yet understand little. They would not only refuse to see the truth of this tree under whose shadow they were taking a good rest, but they would not blush with shame at all while they were laying down the laws without hesitation, either.
The desert tree saw hope in these seeds, unlike those who could not see any and judged her only by her looks. Time passed, and climates changed time and again…. The seeds ultimately rejoined the earth. The shells shattered, and a journey set out from  the depths of the desert sand into the light. The dream of just one tree revolted against the reality of billions of people.
Years later when an old man was wandering the same area with his grandson, they sat down under a big tree they chose in order to get a second wind. The old man started to tell his grandson about his childhood and said, ”You know, son, when I was only a kid like you are, this area was a vast desert as far as the eye could see.” Bewildered, the grandson looked around and asked, ”All very well, but grandpa, how could such a grand forest come into being in the middle of an enormous desert?”
The grandfather looked around and admiringly touched the tree under whose shadow they were having a rest, and eyes brimming with tears said:

”Never under-estimate the potential of one tree, son! When a heart becomes one with a dream, heavens are created on earth…”

(Story by Metin Hara, “Invasion of Love” – The Path)

Respond: To the descriptions of another group. Say where you agree with their descriptions and ask questions to clarify and explain points of difference.

E.4.2 – Almost there?

Purpose: To ponder on your own learning experiences and relate them to the story.

Task: Work in groups of three. (The same group members) Answer the questions below:

Take notes in approximately 20 words and share your experiences with group members.

Agree on the most interesting and inspiring experience, and share it with another group.

Respond: To experiences by other groups, which you find different and really inspiring.


Stage 5 – Development

E.5.1 – Highlight Three

Purpose: To identify what you have learned.

Task: Tell the three most significant things you have learned during this e-tivity.

Respond: Review the other participants’ comments, then comment on which you feel is the most significant one.

E.5.2 – Into Action

Purpose: To commit to using what we have learned.

Task: Tell how what you have learned will help you turn your ideas into action. Share your action plan.

Respond: To other participants’ action plans and express your support if you find their plans appealing.



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