Joe Abraham (2013): Entrepreneurial DNA

“Entrepreneurship has given us Edison and Ford, Branson and Jobs. But has entrepreneurship seen its best days? We’ll learn why its best days are still ahead – and how a breakthrough discovery about entrepreneurial behavior is unlocking entrepreneurship’s greatest potential around the globe.”

Watch the TedX Talk to get deep into it:

The purpose of this task is to explore entrepreneurial DNA and linking it to educational practises.

Brief summary of overall task

  1. Redefine BOSI in an educational environment
  2. Which BOSI educational entrepreneur would you like
  3. Discuss with your peers

Do you think do entrepreneurs have a different genetic make-up or can anyone become one? Draw your own DNA and share with other people.

Emoderator Intervention
Monitor the task and discussion. Enable Internet access for the video and give paper to the participants.

Time and schedule
17 minutes watching, 3 minutes selection, 10 minutes discussion, 5 minutes spark (own DNA)