Mandela Schumacher-Hodge (2015): Why education needs entrepreneurs.

“Education is a social construct that we created. We have decided what the most important information is to pass on and we have also decided the delivery mechanism we think is the best to get that information forward. Is what we have created working?…”

Watch the video to get deep into it:

The purpose of this task is to let people think critically on the current education practises.

Brief summary of overall task – Individual contribution

  1. Watch the video and write down the catchy words you hear about education and entrepreneurship.
  2. Make two columns
  3. In one you write educational concepts, in the other entrepreneurial
  4. Create a fire design and write opposing words in each flame
  5. Write down what has surprised you

Create a fire design, write opposite words in each flame you think about education and entrepreneurship.

Emoderator Intervention
Monitor the task and discussion.

Time and schedule
17:35 minutes watching + 10 minutes visualization + 10 minutes discussion.