Emer Dooley (2012): Entrepreneurship Education: an Oxymoron.

“If the only way to be an entrepreneur was to be born to be one, Colonel Sanders would never have started Kentucky Fried Chicken when he was any 60s and on social security.”

Watch the TedX Talk to get deep into the idea of entrepreneurship:

The purpose of this task is to ponder upon entrepreneurship education and if it is really an oxymoron linking entrepreneurship and education.

Brief summary of overall task – Individual contribution

  1. Watch the TedX talk
  2. Write down the words you keep hearing
  3. Create a wordle with the words you’ve heard most frequently.
  4. Write down what has surprised you

Create a wordle here (http://www.wordle.net/create) using the words you have in mind about entrepreneurship.

Emoderator Intervention

Time and schedule
17:35 minutes watching + 5 minutes wordling + 5 minutes discussion