“Imagine you’re invited to go to a competition in London. You decide with your schoolmates to participate to this competition and your goal is to organise a trip to London for the whole class. The participation in the competition is the final activity, but what will you be visiting in London and how will you be able to raise money so that everybody can participate? Share your plan.”


“Tom can’t wait anylonger. He is leaving within six months but he feels he needs a short citytrip to keep his spirits up. So he talks a few friends of his into visiting a London. He shows them all the things they can do and how they can finance the trip. What should be in this plan, according to you?”


HungaryTOOL: Vignette
PARTICIPANTS: Individual or groups of any size
TIME: 10 minutes reseach, 5 minutes brainstorm, 5 minutes discussion
YOU’LL NEED: Just a group of people

  1. Look up what’s happening in London
  2. Look up travel and accommodation possibilities
  3. Brainstorm on ways of getting the trip financed
  4. Discuss which actions are more likely to earn you the necessary money


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