monomyth-exerciseNarrative exercise
The Hero’s Journey is a pattern of narrative, identified by Joseph Campbell that appears in storytelling, myth, religious rituals, branding, and psychological development. There are 17 different stages that define this specific pattern, the monomyth.


Practicing this widely used narrative and storytelling thinking method will help you better understand stories in general, whether it is a movie, biography, novel or the life story of an entrepreneur. Explore the hero’s journey and imagine yourself as the hero of your own story!


Brief summary of the overall task


What are the different stages of a good story?


Individual contribution
Groups of any size or a solo activity. Analyse the Hero’s Journey and then try to fill in the blanks!


E-moderator interventions
The moderator measures the time during the activity and can facilitate watching Learning Snack 20. In the end, check your answers based on the original diagram. The more you understand the different stages, the better you will be at understanding and analysing stories and narratives.


Time and schedule


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