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Entrepreneurship exercise
We can deepen our own understanding of entrepreneurship, if we better see how we relate to entrepreneurial characters. After all, we are all entrepreneurs in one way or another. We all possess the traits that are inevitable to create a creative and innovative life.


The purpose of this task is to better relate to entrepreneurial characters and understand that we all possess these traits. If we’re able to better relate to an entrepreneurial persona, it will increase our understanding of what it means to be an entrepreneur.


Brief summary of the overall task

  1. Have a pen and paper or screen
  2. Design an educational entrepreneurial persona based on the following traits:
    1. age
    2. gender
    3. likes and dislikes
    4. outlook
    5. lifestyle
    6. characteristics and traits
    7. name
  3. Introduce them to your team!




Individual contribution
Groups of any size or a solo activity. Design an entrepreneurial person, using as many specific details as you can!


E-moderator interventions
Facilitate the introduction of the entrepreneurial characters! Motivate the participants to be creative. Give postits to the people, and ask them to draw, design and be creative!


Time and schedule


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