Alternative uses test.

18Designed by J.P. Guilford in 1967, the Alternative Uses Test asks you to think of as many uses as possible for a simple object. The test is usually time-constrained.



Practicing this widely used divergent thinking test will help you develop your ability to think creatively. The more unique ideas you have, the more creative you are. Why not try it out for yourself?


Brief summary of the overall task

  1. Have a paper with the name of 2 to 3 everyday objects
  2. Write down as many ideas on how to use those objects.
  3. Go crazy, there are no bad ideas!



What problems could you solve with the following objects?


Individual contribution

This is a small group or a solo activity. Write down as many ideas, as you can in 1 minute.


E-moderator interventions

The moderator measures the time during the activity. In the end read out loud your solutions. The more unique solution you have, the more creative you are.


Time and schedule

1 minute ideas

3 minutes evaluation