“Imagine you are in a foreign city, let’s say Vienna, and you have to go to a very popular club, FLEX. You don’t speak the language and you don’t know a living soul there. And to make matters worse, you’ve just discovered your phone is dead. The only thing you have is a text in German with directions the organisers of the party have sent you. Make a long list of things you can do to find out how to get to FLEX in Vienna?”


“Meet Tom. He’s an international student traveling too as many countries as possible. Tom’s always enthusiastic but sometimes a bit chaotic. That’s why he finds himself in the middle of Vienna eager to go clubbing in Vienna. He’s got a crumpled scrap of paper with the name of the club, FLEX, and directions to get there. The only problem is, Tom doesn’t understand German. Besides who needs a text when you’ve got a phone, right? Unfortunately, Tom has forgotten to upload his phone. So… could you give Tom a list of ways to proceed and get to Flex, please. Try to think of more than 13 ways so Tom can choose!”

PortugalTOOL: Vignette
PARTICIPANTS: Individual or groups of any size
TIME: 3 minutes, plus 5 minutes discussion
YOU’LL NEED: paper or screen

  1. Create a table of 15 lines
  2. Order your solutions from easy to difficult
  3. Make sure you include very original solutions
  4. If you work in a group, cross out the solutions you have in common. Discuss which sollutions is the most efficient, original, or fun to do.


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