CV of Failures.

6It is possible that things do not end how we planned it. There are several techniques which support us facing disappointment. In 2016 a Princeton professor published a unique Curriculum Vitae: his CV of failures.



This is a good tool to face failures and disappointment. This tools helps to understand that they are part of our lives and make us think about lessons learnt.  


Brief summary of the overall task / Individual contribution

  1. Think about what have you tried but have not succeeded in your (learning) career
  2. Write it down in the form of a CV
  3. This activity helps you to face lack of success and helps you move on and cope with new challenges.



Create your own CV of failures – What have you not achieved in your career?

You can see an example here:


E-moderator interventions

Check out the example CV:


Time and schedule

20-30 minutes CV writing + 15-20 minutes discussion