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The ‘Tree of Life’ approach enables people to speak about their lives in ways that make them stronger. It involves people drawing their own ‘tree of life’ in which they get to speak of their ‘roots’ (where they come from), their skills and knowledges, their hopes and dreams, as well as special people in their lives.


This exercise strengthens people’s relationships with their history, culture, and significant people in their lives.


Brief summary of the overall task




Branches (horizons):

Leaves (Re-membering lives):

Fruits (Legacies):


What are the key words that you want to write on your tree of life?


Individual contribution
Groups of any size or a solo activity. Be creative and use your imagination!


E-moderator interventions
The moderator measures the time during the activity and after the individual trees are made, encourages the participants to join their trees into a ‘forest of life’. The moderator can facilitate the discussion of some of the ‘storms’ that affect our lives and ways that participants respond to these storms, protect themselves, and each other. Stories can be shared within the group and similar experiences are looked for!


Time and schedule




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