LEEN Learning Snacks nr 12 and 13
“How to handle failures?”
“How to respond when somebody shares a failure?”

This is a small group (2-3 students) activity.

To learn and share how failures can help us to get better and stronger.

Brief summary of the overall task / Individual contribution

  1. Watch the Snacks;
  2. Write down the words you keep hearing;
  3. Make a list of your own failures.
  4. Choose one failure you’d like to share in group. Tell your story:
    1. What happened?
    2. Why did it happen?
    3. Where did it happen?
    4. Who or what was connected with this failure?
    5. What did you learn from it?

In group: draw a picture of a person who has failed and learned from it.
Present it to others.

E-moderator interventions
Facilitate the process, give them tools and keep the timeframe.


Time and schedule
It takes about 45 minutes:




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