“The town you’re living in is organising a crafts fair and you are allowed to have a liitle shop there as well. You don’t have time to create enough products anymore but you have a bright idea. You are going to import some goods you can’t find in your country. How do you do that?”


“Tom is dreaming about all the places he wants to visit. He has a map of the world on his phone with his own flag on his favourite destinations. He reads about the countries and watches YouTube clips of fellow travellers. He so wants to leave. There are so many things to explore. That’s why he decides to try and earn a lot of money in his home country so that he has a lot of free time while traveling. So he decides to create a pop-up shop importing and selling goods you can’t find in his country. Help Tom with setting up this shop.”


TurkeyTOOL: Vignette
PARTICIPANTS: Individual or groups of any size
TIME: 10 minutes research, 5 minutes preparation, 3 minutes selection
YOU’LL NEED: Computer, Wifi, pen and paper or screen

  1. Look up what it takes to start with a pop-up shop
  2. Find some good examples
  3. Make a list of things you can’t find in your country
  4. Choose a product or a range of products


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