“Imagine you’re living in a very beautiful environment but you and your friends are always travelling to cities to go to concerts, parties, plays, festivals. One day you’re having a nice chat with your friends and you all agree it would be nice to have an event for young people in your community. And while you’re all agreeing, there is this one chappie in your group who can’t sit still anymore. He gets up and almost shouts: “ dear friends, this is it. It’s not ‘there has to be’… but we! Don’t you see? We have to organise this event for all our friends here!” At first you’re a bit shocked, dumbfounded. You don’t know what to say. But then you feel this energy rushing through your veins and you agree: “ what an excellent idea, Tom!” Now join the group of friends and decide how you have to organise an event within your community.


“Tom decides a pop-up store is still too risky. Besides it doesn’t suit him. He doesn’t feel like waiting for customers day in day out. And he doesn’t want to commit himself for three months to the same thing. Events are much more to his taste. They’re short. You don’t have to repeat them, they’re intense and above all they raise a lot of money in a very short period. What does Tom have to do to organise a successful event?”


UKTOOL: Vignette
PARTICIPANTS: Groups of any size
TIME: 10 minutes preparation, 10 minutes discussion, 10 minutes writing
YOU’LL NEED: pen and paper or screen

  1. Choose a target group
  2. Choose an event
  3. Discuss what you’re going to organise
  4. Write out a pitch to draw people into your idea


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