Push yourself to think divergently- see the big picture!

Mindmapping is clearly a5 divergent thinking, a radiating process, we expand outwards from the centre to generate ideas and explore new association.



Mindmaps are a powerful way to overcome fear of the blank page, look for patterns, explore a subject, come up with truly innovative ideas, record their evolution so you can trace back in search of new insights, and communicate your thought processes to others. While lists help you capture the thoughts you already have, mindmaps help to generate wildly new ones. They are extremely versatile, and we use them all the time, not only at work but also at home, for example, to come up with dinner party ideas. 


Brief summary of the overall task / Individual contribution

  1. You’ll only need a big paper and pen or if you prefer a computer-version you can use a mindmap software (Cmap, XMind or MindMeister)
  2. Find an issue– put it in the centre
  3. Ask yourself, “What else can I add to the map that is related to this theme?” Write down ideas, branching out from the center, and don’t worry if they feel clichéd or obvious. That happens to everyone.
  4. Use each connection to spur new ideas. If you think one of your ideas will lead to a whole new cluster, draw a quick rectangle or oval around it to emphasize that it’s a hub.
  5. Keep going. As the map progresses, your mind will open up, and you’ll likely discover some wild, unpredictable, dissociative ideas.
  6. You are done when the page fills or the ideas dwindle. If you’re feeling warmed up but not finished, try to reframe the central topic and do another mindmap to get a fresh perspective. If you feel you’ve done enough, think about which ideas you would like to move forward with.



Introduce yourself through a mindmap!  Include your weaknesses, strengths, career, private life, future plans.


E-moderator interventions

Mindmapping can be a solo or a group activity. The moderator can act as a facilitator.

Mindmaps can be applied in the following cases.


Time and schedule

15-30 minutes