Patrick Bet-David (2016) 26 reasons to become and entrepreneur

What is your reason to become an entrepreneur? Watch the TedX talk to get deep into it:

The purpose of this task is to explore reasons why you should become entrepreneurs or remind you why you became an entrepreneur in the first place if you’re already one and forgot your reasons.

Brief summary of overall task

  1. Subdivide the list in things which are easy, things which are difficult,
  2. Subdivide the list in things I can start learning right now, things I don’t know how to learn these
  3. Make a wish list of things you would like to do.
  4. Share with your team.

If you are already an entrepreneur, describe your reason/s to people why you chose to be. Or ,if you are trying to become an entrepreneur, share your reason/s with other people.

Emoderator Intervention
Monitor the task and discussion. Enable Internet access for the video. Give paper to people before they start making list.

Time and schedule
21 minutes video + 10 minutes choosing + 5 minutes spark + 10 minutes discussion