At the moment our team is busy to invite participants for 5-day Liminality Innovation Camp.

Take a look at the teaser 🙂


Together we explore:


The innovation camp gathers formal and non-formal educators, educational entrepreneurs, teacher trainers and entrepreneurs from all areas to create an educational entrepreneurship network.

The innovation camp invites you to experience and reflect on the learners’ experiences through the L33N virtual dynamic learning grid in which learners create their own learning path.  It takes you on a change trajectory through its liminal labs. Next it offers you the opportunity to link these changes to your teaching practice. It also taps into your talents as co-creators designing a board game as a policy and implementation strategy. Finally, we critically reflect on how the L33N approach empowers youngsters to become entrepreneurs in its broad sense and thus be capable of creating their future.


Preliminary Program

Thursday, 02.03

Travelling to Budapest

Friday, 03.03

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