Where are the meetings, training camp and award event taking place?

The six transnational project meetings will be held every four months. As a rule, a project meeting allows the project partners to get to know more about local culture, meet local entrepreneurs, the chamber of commerce and connect to the local educational entrepreneurship clubs and networks (www.lcie.be for example).


The project meetings will take place in the following countries, in the following order:


PM1: Portugal, 11- 16 november 2015

Fail in order to open new windows



PM2: Romania, 17- 20 march 2016

“Can do” the impossible




PM3: Turkey, 26- 29 may 2016

“Just do” the unrealistic




PM4: Czech Republic, 05- 08 october 2016

Create the improbable




PM5 Hungary, 25- 28 january, 2017

Move into the forbidden




PM6: UK, 28 june- 05 july, 2017

Take risks

Training camp and award event!!!