Geuens_FabienneLEEN angel UCLL: Fabienne Geuens

Fabienne was a student of the teacher training department. For some years she became a teacher in her own class in a Primary School in Leopoldsburg. Later on, as a remedial teacher, she wanted to help her colleagues and gave extra training sessions. But she wanted to do more and so she became a trainer for teachers in an organization for Young Entrepreneurs, called Vlajo (Vlaamse Jonge Ondernemingen)

Now she is a trainer of teachers of primary schools and learns them how they can stimulate entrepreneurial skills of young children. She invites entrepreneurs into the classroom and asks them to give assignments to the pupils. At the same time these entrepreneurs can share their expertise.

Fabienne is in the project, because she is an expert in ‘train-the-trainer’ about ‘Entrepreneurship’. She helped the UCLL-students when they developed ‘Talents for the Future’, an entrepreneurial project for young children.

bruno-maia2LEEN angel Agrupamento de Escolas Tomaz Pelayo: Bruno Maia

Bruno Maia is senior developer at Farfetch, a fashion platform founded in 2008 which achieved the status of “Unicorn”, in the past year. Bruno began to work in 2006 right after high school giving him 10 years of experience at a such young age. He is enthusiastic about technology and has innovative ideas trying to solve problems. For him, it is easy to work in a team due to the environment that he experienced, giving him good capabilities of leadership.


eu_doc_luisLEEN angel Agrupamento de Escolas Tomaz Pelayo: Luis Daniel Rodrigues Sousa

Luís is studying Information System Engineering and he is a team leader in a software project. He has worked in several different areas and throughout his career he has worked as a web designer, consultant, researcher among others. His social and professional growth is due to the many professional and academic experiences and challenges that he overcame thanks to his capacity to work in a team. 

Luis is in this project because he always believed that a big challenge is solved by an innovative idea.


LEEN angel Agrupamento de Escolas Tomaz Pelayo:Lúcio Botelho

Lúcio is a teacher at AESAS since 2004, but he has been teaching since 1998. He has also been a member of the management team since 2009 and the Coordinator of the Robotics & Programming Club since 2008. This club has taken part in various regional & national robotics meetings like FLL & idrone experience.

He is enthusiastic about technology and has innovative ideas in the problem-solving field.

For him, it is easy to work in a team due to the environment that he experienced, which has given him good coordination and orientation skills. He has also provided training courses for teachers and he has taken several training courses to learn and be updated about every new technology that emerges.

You can follow most of his work via his website:


LEEN angel Univerzita Palackeho V Olomouci prof. Jiří Dostál

Assoc. prof. Jiří Dostál is an expert on inquiry-based learning and is currently implementing a number of investigations that relate to this area. He also concentrates at popularizing science and technology to the public, from children through youth to seniors. He has organized a series of popularizing and educational events that transcend into commercial (business) sector. Since he is one of the angels in our project L33N, I have conducted an interview with him about his activities related to entrepreneurial activities in education.

Jiří is in the project because sharing experiences and good practices is very important. It’s not all about creating and building things, it is rather about motivating other people to cooperate, or help them start creating their ideas and then implement them.

You can find the full interview with Jiří (by Ondrej Duda) from our blog.


LEEN angel Agrupamento de Escolas Tomaz Pelayo: Hugo Espírito-Santo

Hugo is 19 years old and currently studying mechanical engineering at Univesity of Porto. Believing dialog is the best way to work further, he joined a delegation, participating in a EYP session. After that, a will to create a sense of culture and social cooperation among the students emerged, and so he got in charge of the students council in his former high school.

Calling himself an observator, he assures the most important method to achieve a spirit of innovation is understanding people around you, how they interact with each other and the general needs which you might provide the tools to overcome.

Being the best is not only about technical knowledge and the efforts you aimlessly put on your studies. It mainly comes down to social skills where persuasion, empathy and excelence meet, driving you and those around you through a road to success.


LEEN angel Agrupamento de Escolas Tomaz Pelayo: António Paiva

António is studying Mechanical Engineering at University College Engineering in Porto (FEUP). By the time he was young, he took part in a summer programme at Junior University where he participated in activities and developed investigation projects in several subjects such as science, technology and arts.

António has a passion for music and apart from his day to day classes, he achieved a fourth grade in a musical course guided by Cultural Centre of Music (CCM) where he played the trumpet. Currently he is learning electric guitar. He is enthusiastic about new experiences and is keen on problem-solving. For him, properly communicate in a group environment and provide creative solutions isn’t difficult.

With adversity comes growth. Leave your comfort zone, seize opportunities and always give your best to overcome every obstacle you face. Find your own way to thrive in life’s challenges.


LEEN angel Agrupamento de Escolas Tomaz Pelayo: Daniela Godinho

Daniela Godinho was born in 1980 in Santo Tirso (Portugal), where she attended primary and secondary education, including Tomaz Pelayo Secondary School (1993-1995).

The sport has always been present in her life, starting the practice of Gymnastics at age 3 and Ballet at age 6. In 1989 she joined the Rhythmic Gymnastics competition at the Ginásio Clube de Santo Tirso, where she became a Junior Regional Champion in 1994. In 1995 she started practicing Trampolines, a modality in which she would also be a coach.

Teaching is also one of her passions, concluding her degree in Sports and Physical Education at the University of Porto. As a Physical Education teacher, she has taught in several schools in the north of the country. Since 2011 she is Clinical Pilates instructor and Traditional Pilates, certified by APPI (The Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute).

In 2010 she founded the company “Trevo do Sucesso”, which includes a Dance School, a Study Center and a Music School, promoting regular classes, trainings and public presentations.